Terri Gibson Named Ambassador of the Year by the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance

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February 28, 2019
Terri Gibson, Regional Sales Director, Daly Seven has received the 2018 Ambassador of the Year Award by the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance.  Terri handles sales for three properties in Lynchburg, including the Hampton Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express, and SpringHill Suites. Daly Seven has been a member of the Alliance since 2014.
The Ambassador of the Year award was originally established in 2001 to be given to the member of the Alliance Ambassador Team who exemplifies the highest level of commitment to the Ambassador mission, demonstrates an attitude of team spirit and is seen as a leader among their peers. Terri was selected by 18 of her peers and has been Ambassador less than two years.
The Ambassadors are a vital part of the Alliance as they serve as the hospitality and retention arm of the organization.  Ambassadors are responsible for being the friendly faces members see and are greeted by at events, communicating with new members and encouraging engagement, and ensuring the value of membership.  
Members of the Ambassadors said the following about Terri:  
She is a team player and always welcoming, willing and able to support fellow Ambassador’s and Alliance Members. She is genuine and authentic whether she is talking to a coworker, a member of the Alliance, or the CEO of a company.
Another Ambassador said she is hard working and she has branded herself and her organization with the highest level of professionalism complemented by her outstanding community engagement.
Her dedication is not just the Alliance but all of Lynchburg’s businesses and she truly shines.

The Alliance appreciates and is indebted to Terri’s volunteer work as an Ambassador with the organization.